Freehold Landed Property for Sale in Singapore

For many in Singapore, owning a landed property is the epitome of residential property ownership. Brand New Land, an established and premium landed property developer in Singapore, presents an attractive range of freehold landed property options. Firm believers that homes have the power to draw families closer together, every home we develop involves meticulous planning and care towards creating spaces which inspire a beautiful family life at home.. 

Why Choose Freehold Landed Property in Singapore?

Landed properties in Singapore are sought-after for their significant appreciation value and spacious interiors. They offer residents comfort, privacy, and a break from frenetic city life. Moreover, the freehold status of many of these properties means generational ownership, allowing families to build and preserve their legacy.

Types of Landed Properties in Singapore

Singapore’s diverse landed properties cater to various preferences. From the exclusivity of Good Class Bungalows in prime districts to the modern amenities of Cluster Housing and the privacy of Detached Houses, there’s something for everyone seeking a unique residential experience.

Property Areas in Singapore to Consider

Embrace serene suburban living amidst lush greenery in Singapore’s West.
Explore Landed Properties in the West Region of Singapore

Coastal charm meets urban sophistication. Discover the allure of West Coast living.
Explore West Coast Landed Properties for Sale in Singapore

A harmonious blend of modernity and nature, redefine luxury living in Singapore’s North.
Discover Landed Properties in the North Region of Singapore

Experience the premium properties in the city’s vibrant central core.
Explore Landed Properties in Central Singapore

Indulge in coastal breezes and a laid-back lifestyle in Singapore’s East.
Discover Landed Properties in the East Region of Singapore

New Luxury Landed Properties for Sale

Explore Brand New Land’s freehold landed properties, tailored for the discerning buyer. 


Located at 23 & 23A Maple Avenue in District 10, Oak offers brand-new, freehold semi-detached homes. Each features 5 en-suite bedrooms, a lift, and a swimming pool. With a land size of 3,131 sq ft and built-up of 6,100 sq ft, these freehold homes are both spacious and luxurious.


Situated at 25 & 25A Jalan Selanting, these 4-level semi-detached homes are inspired by the Royal Paulownia tree, a symbol of good fortune. 

Gallery 49

In District 15, at 49 Yarrow Gardens, Gallery 49 presents a 4-level semi-detached property. Offering 7 en-suite bedrooms, a lift, and a swimming pool, this property spans a land size of 3,500 sq ft with a built-up area of 7,900 sq ft. As a freehold property, it ensures long-term value appreciation.


Situated at 6 Jalan Sentosa in District 14, Onyx is a captivating 4-level corner terrace showcasing strength and resilience. Crafted to enhance inner fortitude, this property amplifies focus, embraced by Freehold tenure. It boasts an estimated 3,153 sq ft land size and an 8,000 sq ft built-up area—a remarkable space to bring out your best self.

Benefits of Investing in New Landed Property in Singapore

In Singapore, new launch properties blend the latest amenities with designs that showcase architectural finesse, often leading to higher appreciation rates. In today’s sustainability-focused era, these new developments prioritise eco-friendly designs and modern solutions such as provisions for EV charging and solar power . If you’re considering buying landed property in Singapore, Brand New Land offers a mix of luxury and eco-consciousness.

Frequently Asked Questions About New Landed Property in Singapore

Not all landed properties in Singapore are freehold. There are three main types of land tenures: Freehold, 999-year leasehold, and 99-year leasehold. While freehold landed properties offer perpetual ownership, the leasehold ones have a set duration.

Absolutely. Investing in a landed property in Singapore can be a worthwhile venture due to its potential for capital appreciation, especially for freehold and newly launched landed properties. Additionally, it provides the owner with more control over the property compared to condos or HDB flats.

The income needed to buy a landed property varies based on property price, loan tenure, and interest rates. However, a general rule is to ensure that your monthly mortgage instalment does not exceed 30% of your monthly income.

Prices of landed properties in Singapore fluctuate based on location, size, and type. Prime districts typically command higher prices. Average prices can range anywhere from S$3 million for smaller terrace houses to over S$50 million for good class bungalows in prime areas.

Yes, Singaporeans can use their Central Provident Fund (CPF) savings under the Ordinary Account (OA) to purchase landed property, but certain conditions and limits apply.

The property tax rate for landed properties in Singapore depends on whether it’s owner-occupied or an investment. Rates can range from 0% to 36% based on the property’s Annual Value (AV). It’s advisable to check the latest rates on the IRAS website or consult a property agent.