Who We Are

We Develop Special Homes to Enhance Your Family’s Life & Wealth

At the core of Brand New Land, a home-grown landed property developer in Singapore, is a leadership team composed of four siblings from a family of nine. This unique family experience deeply influences our mission to develop homes that foster lasting family connections and create priceless memories.

Like you, at the heart of it all, we live with our loved ones and our families under our roofs – so we know and go the extra mile it takes to make a house a Special Home.

Essentially, we understand your needs – to own a treasured asset which enhances your life, and your wealth, as the years go by. We carefully source and secure choice land and develop brand new homes with edge to deliver just that for you, just as we would for ourselves.

We are passionate about beautiful heirloom homes. Collectively, we have been developing and building landed homes in Singapore for decades. Our guiding philosophy is this – more than just a building, a Brand New Land home is made with many hands and one heart, a home of harmony, developed to connect families and create meaningful experiences that deliver a true, lasting joy.

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The Leading Landed Property Developer in Singapore

At the heart of Brand New Land is commitment to crafting Special Homes that bolster family life and financial prosperity. As a leading landed property developer in Singapore, we place value on the strategic selection of high-value land, particularly in prime neighbourhoods in Singapore.

Our Purpose

At Brand New Land, we believe that we exist to create value which has far-reaching benefits for the lives of others. We believe that the essence of a home is to bring loved ones together. Beyond architectural beauty and premium locations in Singapore, we prioritise fostering genuine connections.

As a leading landed property developer in Singapore, we envision a world where people find True Joy through a beautiful life at home.

Our Mission

With God as our light and our purpose as our guide, we work together towards our vision, guided by our core principles:

  • Work as one
  • Do what is right
  • Inspire others
  • Do it for the long run

Our Group Vision

We envision a world where people find True Joy through a beautiful life at home.

Our Philosophy

At Brand New Land, developing a home is deeply personal. We strive to craft backdrops for families to create cherished memories.

We are committed to fostering warmth, connection and genuine community. When you step into a Brand New Land home, you embrace a beautiful space crafted with heart and a deep understanding of what makes a place truly feel like home.

Property Portfolio

Here at Brand New Land, we’re proud to offer a diverse range of special homes. As an established landed property developer, our portfolio features homes that are designed with care and strategically located in Singapore’s most desirable neighbourhoods. Our featured projects include:

PANTHER @ 27 Old Upper Thomson Road
Situated at the edge of a serene reservoir, this luxurious property boasts an 8,000 sq ft built area on a 2,856 sq ft plot of land. PANTHER is the epitome of high-quality living in harmony with nature.

ONYX @ 6 Jalan Sentosa
Located near an MRT station for maximum convenience, ONYX features an 8,000 sq ft built area on a 3,153 sq ft piece of land. This development offers a blend of modern comfort and easy accessibility.

INFINITY @ 6 Greenleaf Lane
Surrounded by lush greenery, INFINITY provides a 10,000 sq ft built area on a 3,956 sq ft plot. It is the perfect sanctuary for those who seek a life connected to nature.

GALLERY 49 @ 49 Yarrow Gardens
Situated in the prestigious Frankel Estate in the east of Singapore, GALLERY 49 redefines luxury living with its expansive 7,900 sq ft built area on a 3,500 sq ft plot. This residence establishes a new standard in sophisticated living.

PAULOWNIA @ 25 & 25A Jalan Selanting
Situated in District 21, Paulownia offers brand new four-level semi-detached homes. Each with a land size ranging between 2,791 to 2,793 sq ft and a built-up area of approximately 6,060 sq ft, these freehold properties emphasise spacious luxury living.

OAK @ 23 & 23A Maple Avenue
Located in District 10, Oak introduces a set of brand new three-level semi-detached homes that capture the essence of the majestic oak tree. Each covering an estimated land size of 3,131 sq ft with a built-up area around 6,100 sq ft, these freehold properties are spacious and comfortable.

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