Adapting Landed Properties for Singapore’s Ageing Population

adapting landed properties for singapores ageing population

By 2030, Singapore is projected to have a significantly older population, prompting a fresh approach to residential housing. Landed properties, traditionally valued for their space and privacy, are evolving to meet the changing needs of this demographic. Simple yet effective modifications are becoming more common, ensuring these homes comfortably accommodate older residents.

As landed property developers respond to these trends, they are focusing on incorporating features that enhance accessibility and safety. The inclusion of elements like lifts and specially designed ground floor rooms addresses the practical needs of the elderly. In the subsequent sections, we will be exploring how these enhancements not only improve the day-to-day life of seniors but also contribute to their ability to maintain an active lifestyle, thereby supporting the long-term sustainability of housing in a rapidly ageing society. We’ll examine specific design innovations and their implications for enhancing liveability and promoting independence among seniors.

The Rise of Residential Lifts

the rise of residential lifts

Rose Gold Lift | Stately @ 19 Mount Sinai Drive

Residential lifts are becoming common in Singapore’s landed houses, enhancing mobility and increasing property value. Not only do they offer convenience, they also add comfort and a touch of luxury, marking them as significant enhancements. Whether for new constructions or renovations, more homeowners consider these lifts integral to their property upgrades.

In Singapore, all lifts installed in residences must comply with regulations set by the Building & Construction Authority (BCA). Homeowners can choose from several types of lift systems, including:

  • Traction lifts: Efficient and smooth, ideal for those prioritising quick and quiet operation.
  • Hydraulic lifts: Compact and cost-effective, perfect for smaller spaces.
  • Screw-driven lifts: Simple and safe, best suited for retrofitting into existing homes with minimal structural changes.
  • Platform lifts: Flexible and requiring minimal space, these are often used when there is insufficient room for traditional lift types.

Incorporating a lift enhances home functionality and serves as a smart investment, boosting resale value and broadening appeal to buyers, including those with elderly family members or mobility challenges.

Ground Floor Granny Rooms for Elderly Comfort

In homes where space limitation prevents the installation of residential lifts, prioritising ground-floor living becomes crucial for elderly residents. This is especially true in multi-storey dwellings where stairs can become daunting obstacles. Fortunately, designing a granny room on this accessible level offers numerous benefits, including reduced fall risks and easier navigation. Wider doorways, ample natural light, and non-slip tiles enhance accessibility, creating a welcoming and safe environment.

The granny room can be designed for added versatility to function as a tranquil retreat for relaxation and an area for pursuing hobbies or light exercise. This fosters a sense of well-being and empowers the older occupants to maintain an active lifestyle. Regarding safety, an ensuite bathroom equipped with grab bars and a walk-in shower prioritises independence for daily routines. Additionally, the room’s proximity to family areas fosters a sense of connection and social interaction.

The Future of Singapore’s Landed Houses

the future of singapores landed houses

As Singapore’s landed properties adapt to an ageing population, integrating sophisticated technologies is crucial for enhancing the safety and independence of elderly residents. Key systems include real-time location services (RTLS), Internet of Things (IoT) devices, beacons, and motion sensors, creating a supportive network for effective monitoring.

RTLS provide monitoring, tracking movements within the home and alerting caregivers to any deviations that may signal emergencies, such as falls. Meanwhile, beacons and motion sensors actively monitor the environment, detecting any significant changes in movement patterns that could indicate an emergency, thus enabling swift responses. IoT connectivity links these devices, ensuring that systems such as security alarms and environmental controls operate seamlessly together. This interconnectedness enhances the effectiveness of safety measures and maintains a comfortable living environment. Additionally, accessible alarms, including those activated by a simple cord pull, are strategically placed to ensure elderly occupants can easily call for help.

Brand New Land’s Commitment to Age-Friendly Living

Here at Brand New Land, we are dedicated to developing premium landed properties that are prepared for the future. Emphasising more than traditional luxury, we aim to accommodate the evolving needs of Singapore’s ageing population.

Our development approach is driven by a commitment to sustainability and inclusivity. Each project is meticulously designed to meet today’s standards and anticipate future homeowner needs, ensuring our homes are adaptable, luxurious, and special. This strategic focus guarantees that our properties remain functional and valuable for years to come.

To achieve this, we focus on practical features such as lifts and ground-floor granny rooms. These enhancements are designed to support an active and independent lifestyle, improving comfort and safety for elderly occupants.

Contact us to learn more about our innovative developments and our approach to future-proof residential living. Join us in exploring how we are crafting spaces that celebrate longevity and luxury.